This is an exciting time for me personally and professionally. I’m staying in the PNW during my 7 weeks off between terms of my Masters Degree program. I’ve been exploring more of Washington state and launching, re-launching, and soft-launching some personal projects I’ve been dreaming of for a while. – In what feels like a must for a creative individual as I relaunch myself into the job-seeking market over the nest few years, I’ve begun developing as a repository for professional examples of my work, in a sort of cross-disciplinary portfolio. I expect to also place my doodle note / bujo / bullet journal resources there towards the end of the summer. – Emerging as a personal and professional mantra, the phrase “Live to tell the Story” encompasses so much about the movement from a half-hearted residence in an unexplored landscape to living vibrantly to dream, explore, and tell stories about ourselves and our world that really matter. I’m excited to see what direction this project takes, whether personal or professional. For now, I’m also archiving some of my academic work from graduate school. – Actually resurrected from a crash a while back, was a primary project before, and photographically chronicles my adventures owning, showing, and raising rare Bashkir Curly horses from 2005-2015. – Originally a directory of Airedale Terrier Breeder listings, maintained as a way to educate potential puppy buyers about their options for rescuing an Airedale puppy, I’m relaunching the site this summer as a open-source collection of articles and resources about living with Airedale Terriers. – Soft launched with an article or two previously, is a location where I’m publishing more personal articles and essays than I have written- articles that might not have felt quite as at home on a DIY/Style blog!

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