I think the most exciting thing about graduate school has been the experience of being a “fish out of water”. Moving from a rural midwest life as a business owner to being a 30-something grad student downtown in a major city has made me feel often out of place, and often challenged. In the challenge, there have been many failures, many breakdowns, and many discoveries of skills and strength I didn’t know I had. I am so often grateful for this experience to so dramatically experience a different world and to notice, with kindness, the person I am becoming in this space.

One skill that appeared over the course of my first year in grad school was… well, this:

Flat Lay Image of Bullet Journal Style Class Notes

I chose to note-take by hand in grad school, and I’m glad I did! Over the course of the year, my notes became increasingly artistic, and I had the opportunity to discover and practice this really unique skill.

Studying Psych at the same time as I discovered this note taking style AND was learning to respect and use my own skills for visual thinking more has prompted a new project. In addition to maintaining Hawk-Hill.com I’m working on a new project: LindsayBraman.com On the new site I’ll be writing blog posts about learning and teaching as a visual thinker, bullet journalling layouts, doodle notes, and more.

Flat Lay Image of Bullet Journal Style Class Notes

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