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How to thrive in Florence Italy as a single solo traveler

Solo Travel in Florence, Italy

Solo Travel never really appealed to me until recently. As I settle into myself in my 30’s, solo travel sounds more and more like an adventure with someone I enjoy rather than a stretch of loneliness.   Florence’s open markets were one of the unexpected delights of Florence:   I booked a truffle hunting tour…

6 ways to Repurpose a Vintage C Clamp

One easy way to add a bit of a not-too-harsh industrial vibe to your home is with vintage C clamps. Once only used for woodworking and similar construction projects, C clamps can be used to support shelves, add hooks, or secure items where you need them. C-clamps blend well into interior decor. Today’s utilitarian, shiny…

How to Clean and Deodorize vintage luggage

How to Clean and Deodorize Vintage Luggage

Since moving into the urban equivalent of a tiny house, I’ve learned to be very, very creative with storage. One of the ways I keep my art supplies handy but neatly organized is by using vintage luggage- especially train cases. Train cases make perfect storage for illustration markers, artists paint storage,  and place to tuck away…