A few years ago (2009) I visited Germany and for one week of the trip had the great pleasure of immersing myself in Germany’s equestrian culture! Friends who breed Curly Horses there hosted us and one day took us on a short drive to Isabell Werth’s farm, where we spent an afternoon watching her ride and teach. Unfortunately, I think I may have babbled like a schoolgirl when we actually met (and I hugged her- yes, I hugged her! I’m not sure whether she was horrified, but she was nothing if not gracious!)

I don’t know that I’ve ever shared any of those photos online, so I thought I would upload a few today.

Live horse shaped topiary outside of the home that opened into the courtyard:

The aisle of the main barn. The stall fronts are beautiful, of course, but I love the natural light and laminated beams.

The infamous Satchmo

 Germany 484

The “horsebox I’ve dreamed of regularly since then….

And what’s the fun in the visit to a world famous dressage barn if you can’t get a glimpse of the next generation’s champions!

Dressage Prospect Foals at Isabell Worth's farm

I could tell that the student showing us around was really excited to show us this stall, but didn’t realize why until she opened the door and these best friends stuck their heads out. The pony was a charming little guy whose sole responsibility was keeping his long-retired-champion friend company.

Fuzzy Pony at Olympic Dressage Barn

And of course the matriarch!

While we are chatting about countries with vibrant Equestrian Cultures, take a moment to breathe this in… The saddle section in a tack store that filled a building larger than the average PetSmart.


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