I have a few posts on recent  adventures and projects in the works right now, but I’ve been spending most of my free time getting planters planted with flowers, raised vegetable beds tilled, planted, and mulched, my spring broiler chickens raised and (nearly!) to the freezer, and working on a new birdcage water feature that I’ll feature in a future post.

In the meantime I thought I share some great shots of Hawk Hill’s landscape, taken by the very talented Emily of Emily Ann Photography who scouted the property, accompanied by the loose and very nosy pony Deb, one afternoon last month while I was sick and sequestered indoors.

Old Fashioned red and White Dutch Doors on Barn
Slowly, I’m renovating the old stable. It had been converted for machinery storage during the farm’s stint as a winery, but I’m refitting heavy-duty doors and fixtures in the traditional style. These solid wood double dutch doors that open right into Deb’s stall were the fall 2013 addition.


spring growth at Hawk Hill in Joplin, MO
Phlox threatens to take over the front yard, but is battled back by clover and dandelions.


Afternoon Sun through the trees at Hawk Hill
Daffodil greenery near one of the stands of trees that dot the property.


native spring growth at Hawk Hill in Joplin, MO
Does anyone know what these flowers are? They cover the landscape for about 2 weeks in late April each year, then disappear seemingly overnight.


Baskir Curly Mare grazing under dogwood blossoms
Maybe my favorite picture Emily has shared from her shoot. In this photo the ever curious chestnut pony watches from underneath the dogwoods in the afternoon light.


spring pink dogwood growth at Hawk Hill in Joplin, MO
Emily did such a perfect job of catching the pink dogwoods in full bloom!


100 year old mulberry tree at Hawk Hill in Joplin, MO
The trunk of the tree we call “Mama Tree”. Twisted and gnarled, it resembles a live oak (though it’s a Mulberry) and is at least 100 years old.



spring pink dogwood growth at Hawk Hill in Joplin, MO
Last one- and I love it!



A big thanks again to Emily who let me share her photos. If you need a Photographer in Joplin talk to her – she might even bring you to Hawk Hill!


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