I always seem to end up at the end of each year with images on my phone that I’d love to share, but that don’t go with any particular theme I’ve blogged on lately. To that end, I decided to do a quarterly roundup of “favorite things”. This time:

1. Snowy blankets on snowy ponies.

leopard appaloosa in snow with heart on rear

2. I recently bought a collection of notebooks dating fom the 1940’s. Using the yellowing linen-blend lined paper with a grey copic multiliner pen makes my to-do lists look aged and interesting. I do wish my penmanship was less modern, though!

Grey copic microliner on vintage linen blend paper to create the appearance of an aged note


3. February brought a trip to a conference in San Antonio and the roadtrip there included a memorable side trip to Salado, TX, where I plucked a photo of this 12 foot tall flower sculpture- blooming bright on a overcast February day.flower sculpture in salado texas


4. A fine mist one night as I did a bed-time check in on the horses halo-ed Hemmingway in the glow of the security light:White horse at night bathed in light and shadow

5. Cleaning up holiday decorations, just loving these paper dolls. Created from shipping paper, this garland was free but has been a staple in my holiday decor for years.free christmas garland made from packaging paper and a gingerbread shape

6. I finished another journal last month. Though I never go back and revisit old journals, it feels good to have a witness to the weight of each day, and the significance of so many steps of spiritual and emotional growth. This is an old photo, but documents how I store old journals with some assurance of confidentially.To ensure privacy, I store old journals in a manilla envelope, sealed, with date and signature over the seal

7. Do you ever just feel like you need a break? That’s how I felt the day I drew and painted what I call “Self Portrait in a Haz-mat Suit”Watercolor self potrait in a haz-mat suit illustration

8. The season of Lent makes me artsy, so this brand new piece is a mixed media interpretation of a Dan Allender quote, from Bold Love, that struck me deeply over the weekend."Emotions are the Interplay of our souls with what is and what was meant to be" Dan Allender Bold Love quote typography art

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