My professional life is in a season of transition right now, so as I find myself working a little less, I’m enjoying the opportunity to enjoy May outdoors, planting and investing in Hawk Hill’s gardens. I’ve done many projects not worthy of their own posts, but have enjoyed photography this season and thought I’d share a few of my favorite shots:

This shot of my perennial herb garden shows thyme blooming in the foreground, sage blooming in the background, and fennel on the right.

I keep two herb gardens- one set in the ground about 50 yards from my back door. There, the herbs have their own space to grow as big as they can.

Each spring, I plant divisions from these plants into pots on my deck. The deck herbs make snipping fresh herbs for meals fast and easy, while the shrub-sized herbs in the garden provide lots of extra growth for trimming for culinary and floral bouquet uses, as pictured below:

Sage blossoms and fennel fronds in a floral arrangement in my studio
A new addition to the perennial herb garden (though he’ll have to stay in a pot and come inside in the winter) bay laurel. Not hardy to zone 6, this culinary herb is an usual addition to my herb garden.


My SUV loaded to the gills with hostas for my new shade garden.

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