Normally I’m more of a “Step by Step DIY” writer than a “Life Hack” photo blogger, but every once in awhile I come up with an idea that just works and doesn’t need much explanation.

That’s the case with this post. at Hawk Hill I used to use cable clips to secure the cord of my iPhone charger to the back of my nightstand, but in my Seattle Apartment I feel like I can pull off a more eclectic look, and I like the vibe of this vintage C-clamp.

This vintage C-clamp, and many others from what I can tell, work perfectly to hold in place a phone charger cable- allowing the cord to feed through as needed, but neatly retaining it in an easy-to-reach place when you are not charging. I wish I could add a source to get a c-clamp like this one, luckily they are easy to find (and usually only a buck or two) at garage sales and flea markets.

Vintage C-Clamp secures a phone charging cable to a nightstand
Vintage C-Clamp secures a phone charging cable to a nightstand and allows the cord to be retractable. I really appreciate using vintage hardware to solve modern problems with style.


Seattle Studio Apartment
A zoomed out view of my “steampunk” phone charger cord holder. The clear box on the side of the nightstand is a Stick on Caddy. I got tired of knocking my glasses or phone off my nightstand in the night, and this caddy keeps them close but secure when I’m fumbling in the dark.


Charger cable holder on my nightstand, with different table dressing.



For another practical indoor use of a vintage hardware style C-clamp, check out this display from the Seattle Anthropologie sales floor last winter. I love how they added easy to use S hooks to the more fixed position C clamps to make quick storage easy.

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