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Review of Linenspa’s Motorized Adjustable Base Bed

At least one night each week, settling into bed after a hard day or a long DIY project, I relax back into my bed and think “no bed has the right to be this comfortable.” That’s exactly how much I love my bed!

I loved my Quadra-flex Pocket Coil Latex Mattress from Flexus Comfort so much that it was the only piece of furniture I took on my last cross country move. Combined with a dreamy duvet cover from Anthropologie and my new adjustable base bed, it’s my oasis. 

What is an adjustable base bed?

An adjustable base bed is an only slightly simpler name for the type of bed that has a motor to lift the head of the bed, the foot of the bed, or both on-demand. The “base” of the bed, via a remote, is adjustable, hence the name: adjustable base bed.

A modern adjustable bed and hybrid mattress with an antique bedframe.

Switching from a Bed Frame with Slats to an Adjustable Base Bed

Just after I downsized and moved to Seattle, I got a terrible case of plantar fasciitis. After suffering for two years, through three doctors, four braces, and thousands of dollars on physical therapy, I finally discovered what worked for my body: sleeping with my feet elevated. It turned out, that was all my body needed to relieve some of the inflammation in my feet and recover. I later learned that researchers have shown (click here for the study) that sleeping with the head of a bed elevated had health benefits too.

For the next few years, this meant shoving pillows under the foot of my mattress or old books under the foot of my bed frame every time I started to feel the familiar ache in my foot. So when I ditched all of my furniture to make the move from Seattle to St. Louis with little more than I could fit in a CRV, I took it as an opportunity to upgrade my bed. In fact, the first piece of furniture that I purchased after moving to St. Louis was an adjustable base bed.

My only experience sleeping in adjustable base beds – outside of a hospital – was in a short-term rental apartment in Romania, where a luxurious mattress was offered with a remote to lift or raise the head and foot of the bed on demand. After long days on my feed exploring the city- the adjustable base bed was heaven! Once I had that experience, I knew my next bed purchase would be an adjustable base bed.

A side view showing a adjustable base bed being used with an antique bed frame.

I began researching and shopping for an adjustable base bed while I was still in my transitional Airbnb in Saint Louis- before I ever moved into the cottage. After searching online to see what was available, I was ready to drop a serious amount of money on a name-brand, high-end adjustable base bed. But then, I decided to do a quick search of the more affordable end of the price range- and that’s when I found the Linenspa motorized adjustable base bed. .

Reviewers raved about this bed’s durability and quality and, with a price less than half of its competitors on name-brand sites (which had mostly terrible reviews), and ready to ship immediately (a big deal when buying home furnishings in 2021) I decided to give the Linenspa adjustable base bed a try.

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Click here to order the Linenspa adjustable base bed.

Delivery & Set up of my Adjustable Base Bed

My adjustable base bed arrived just in time for my move. Unlike most Amazon deliveries, Amazon verified the delivery date and even set a time for delivery by phone. Although this bed base’s instruction said two people were required to assemble, I was able to assemble it myself – with just a little help getting it up my staircase and into my female master bedroom

Although I did take care to give extra support to the legs when moving it from laying on its size (in order to screw in the legs) to upright and flat, I had no problem assembling the bed frame alone.

Paired with my hybrid mattress, I was in love from the very first time I used this bed frame.

An adjustable base bed paired with an antique bedframe.

How I made a DIY Nightstand Remote Holder for my Adjustable Base Bed 

Adjustable base beds come with a remote that allows a user to raise and lift the head and the foot of the bed at the press of a button.

This wired remote has a cord, though, and I found that combined with phone charger cords, my nightstand was just a mess.

Additionally, it wasn’t unusual for my peaceful bedtime ritual to be interrupted by a remote crashing to the floor noisily. I knew there had to be a better way to store the adjustable base bed remote in a way that would keep the remote accessible but stable, and unable to fly off my nightstand and onto the wood floor.

An adjustable beds remote on a nightstand holster.

The solution I came up with? A simple cabinet handle.

Adjustable base beds (including the Linenspa adjustable base bed) include a remote that has a long hook on it. This remove can be hooked onto the bedframe itself and finds a stable resting space there, but reaching that spot from atop the bed requires twisting, shifting, and half-hanging off the side of the bed- not a comfortable way to wind down an evening!

I realized within a week of using the bed that the remote needed a place to hook onto my nightstand. A simple metal bar connected to the nightstand on both sides (to prevent accidental slipping) was all that was needed – and thankfully, this structure is provided perfectly by a standard cabinet handle or drawer pull.

I decided to try attaching a drawer pull on the side of my nightstand to hold my remote. Two quick holes with a cordless drill and two holes solved my problem – an easily reachable and secure holder to place my remote for my adjustable base bed.

An adjustable base bed remote resting and a holder attached to a night stand.

Using an Adjustable Base Bed with a Standard Bed Frame

I was skeptical of the promise that this bed frame could be used in conjunction with a stylish traditional bed frame. I was convinced that it just wouldn’t work- that there would be too much bulk under the bed and the decorative bed frame would not have space to be assembled around the adjustable base bed. When I purchased my vintage brass bed, though, I was thrilled to be proven wrong.

The adjustable base bed, which is only fractionally larger than the actual mattress, fits squarely within the bounds of my antique bed frame with the slats removed. Instead of being used to support the mattress, the bedframe, then, becomes simply a decorative frame around the mattress, which is supported entirely by the adjustable base bed.