You don’t have to be a master of Spencerian handwriting or embellished and flourished scripts to add hand-lettered charm to your bullet journal or classnotes.

Recently I took a few minutes to catalog 21 different ideas for non-script hand-lettered fonts that build on basic handwriting (rather than requiring a light box and penciling in advance and all that fancy lettering craziness)

These fonts are perfect for sketchnotes and bullet journals because they build on your existing handwriting. One element to successful sketchnotes- and to bullet journals that don’t take hours- is the ability to move quickly to keep up with your thoughts (journals) or someone else’s thoughts (sketchnotes in class, lectures, etc). Since these build upon basic handwriting- you can add your headers and titles to your page in normal- or slightly modified- handwriting, then return to it later when the speaker is telling a story or you’re waiting for journaling inspiration to strike and thicken lines, add serifs, or otherwise modify your handwriting to become eyecatching and beautiful fonts.


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