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Quick Tip Tuesday – Create an Easy-Clean Paint Palette with Press ‘N Seal

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Easy Cleanup Paint Pallette


A quick tip Tuesday for crafters, moms, and anyone who’s wrestled with wet paint pallets or the mess of throwing away a pallette with wet paint only to find paint dripping through your trash:

A few years ago, while frantically searching for a plastic plate to use as a paint pallette for a burst of creative inspiration and coming up empty, I decided to try covering a standard dining plate with Press ‘N Seal, so I could continue in my artistic frenzy without having to make a run to the store.

It worked so well it’s been my go-to-paint palette method since. It’s easy to mix paint on, totally protects the plate underneath, and when i’m done I can peel the press and seal away from the plate and twist it in on itself, containing any mess during the cleanup process. Though still disposable, I waste far less plastic when using this method than I used to when I used disposable plastic plates. The rigidity that the plate adds, under the plastic wrap, works well for my particular technique of mixing colors by blotting colors together with aggressive brush strokes into the paint on the palette.

This method works best with a plastic or melamine plate, since they are lighter in the hand than china or ceramic.

 This technique is perfect for painting parties! Make cleanup a breeze after a children’s birthday party with a painting craft activity or after a grown-up sip and paint wine tasting and painting party. Just cover plates in advance with press n seal and remove the plastic after the party. For even easier cleanup- allow paint to dry on plastic overnight, then remove the plastic cover.


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