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Best Supplies for Taking Sketch Notes in Class – Budget Kit

As anyone who’s ever lingered too long in a stationary aisle knows, it’s easy to spend a fortune on paper, pens, and stationary products you’ll never use. On the other hand, quality supplies can make a big difference in ease of use, the final result, and the experience of journaling or note taking.

My favorite supplies for journaling and bullet journaling

In other posts I’ve outlined my bullet journaling and sketch note kit, and in this post I’ve boiled it down to essentials that any student’s budget can handle.

Budget Sketch Notes / Bullet Journaling Kit: PENS


From left to right:

1. Copic Colorless Blender Marker
2. N0 Copic Sketch Marker
3. N2 Copic Sketch Marker
4-7. Zebra Mildliners Double-ended Mid-Tone “Highlighters”
8. Papermate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils
9. Sharpie Pen

Budget Sketch Notes / Bullet Journaling Kit: OTHER SUPPLIES

Doodle supplies - a portfolio of your own hand lettered fonts

1. Your Idea Book
2. Post Its

My favorite supplies for journaling and bullet journaling

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