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Copic Marker Hacks: 4 Fun Alternative Uses for Copic Art Markers

What are Copic markers?

Copic markers are a versatile brand of art markers, often mimicked by entry-level art supply makers but never rivaled, these Japanese made professional-grade art supplies are the gold standard when it comes to illustration, comics, and anime making markers. 

Although traditionally, Copic markers were used for comic and anime illustration purposes, there are many crafty and creative uses for Copic markers beyond drawing and illustrating. Copic markers were quickly adopted by bullet Journalers when the bullet journaling trend began a few years ago, and are often a first choice in a bullet journal pen case. When I was in graduate school, I even used the unique grey markers to highlight my course notes from class. 

copic markers in a rainbow of colors

Alternative uses for Copic markers

The seemingly infinite variety of shades, colors, and tones, that Copic markers come in make them an excellent choice for a huge variety of creative projects. For example, I didn’t really realize how many diverse art, craft, and even home improvement projects that I was using my Copic markers on until I was trying to rest rents back to a project I blogged about using a keyword search on 

When I realized that I had written over 15 tutorials utilizing Copic markers, I figured it was probably a time for a roundup. Below you’ll find a brief rundown of some of the project for my blog that feature Copic markers. Many of them are bullet journal related, others are widely varied in textile arts, leatherworking, and even how to use Copic markers to color match paints and finishes for basic home repair!

4 uses for Copic Markers that aren’t drawing:

Repair scratched leather furniture with Copic markers

You can use Copic markers to repair scratches in leather

You can probably find hundreds- if not thousands- of furniture repair pens or messy dyes to repair scratched leather furniture. The former virtually never match the finish color well enough to actually be an effective coverup, and messy dyes tend to make a huge mess, after experimenting with Copic markers, I discovered that these are the perfect alternative to messy dyes and poorly matched coverup pens, learn how to use Copic markers to mask scratches on any color of leather.

Make Realistic Felt Food

Copic markers work well to tint fiber for fiber art

Adorable hand made felt food makes great gifts and fun toys for kids. Any child who enjoys playing in their play kitchen or pretend restaurant can appreciate fluffy, stuffed faux felt food entrees. 

In my collection of free patterns for felt food toys, I’ve included tutorials that utilize Copic markers to add depth and shading to fake food- like these felt tortilla shells. Because Copic markers are alcohol-based, they work great to color fiber and are even waterproof – meaning the dye will not wash away when the toy is washed!

Make vibrant class notes with Copic markers

How to use grey shading in notes, doodles, and bullet journals

Even if you are not an artist or illustrator, Copic markers can make even boring course notes vibrant, beautiful, and most importantly: easier to remember. Unlike highlighters, which come in abrasively bright shades, you can choose from hundreds of Copic shades to create visual markers in your class notes. You can create a visual color-coded system to help you study, or just find the perfect shade to make your handwritten class notes more exciting to make and study.

I’ve included Copic markers in my sketchnote kit for creating sketch notes in high school and college classrooms and written an entire post dedicated to the glories of working with simple grayscale Copic markers

Re-Dye leather with Copic Ink

dying boots with copic ink

Can you believe the Copic ink can be used to dye leather? It Can! While traditional leather dyes are only available in a few traditional hues, alcohol-based Copic ink brings vibrant pigments and hundreds of different shades – you can even mix your own by mixing different colors of inks. Learn how I used Copic ink to dye a pair of leather boots I picked up from the goodwill outlet.

I’ve also used Copics in my tutorials for how to grow a visual vocabulary for students taking doodle notes in school. 

Although it’s not a creative use for copic markers, check out how I store markers in a particularly creative way, in this vintage cosmetics the case turned art supply storage. Click here to learn how to make your own art marker storage case or 7 other creative ways to store art supplies