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Reviewing Ikea’s Emmie Blom Floral Duvet Cover

Though I only make it to Ikea about once a year, I’ve been eyeing the Emmie Blom duvet for a while. Finally, I grew tired of my Anthropologie Rosette quilt and decided Emmie Blom might be an inexpensive makeover (and make up, just a little, for my previous splurge on Anthropologie bedding).

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Paired with a basic Matelassé bedspread and simple white linens I love the vintage, feminine look this floral comforter brings to my bedroom. Matelassé bedspreads were all the rage in the early half of the 1900’s, and I love them still for the way they bring pattern and texture without being loud. Etsy’s selection of vintage Matelassé bedspreads are a good place to start of you’re looking for one. 

Ikea Emmie Blom Duvet

The Emmie Blom Duvet brings a soft pop of color to my otherwise monochromatic bedroom, and the the floral compliments well the vintage metal bedframe and makeup table. The texture of the Emmie Blom duvet is that of a mid-range cotton sheet- neither silky nor rough.

My primary disappointment with this duvet is that upon removing the duvet from the packaging I discovered a seam ripped before I even started trying to place my down comforter inside.

review for Ikea Blum Duvet with ripped seam
Ikea Duvet with ripped seam upon removal from product packaging.

Ikea sheets are low-moderate in price range but, in my opinion, decent quality. My tendency to toss and turn means my sheets tend to pill over time. Even luxury brands like Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley and most styles of Anthropologie bedding pill and become uncomfortable to sleep on after a few washes. Ikea’s sheets still feel super soft and are un-pilled after a year in rotation.

review for Ikea Blum Duvet241
Closeup of Ikea’s Emmie Blom vintage floral pattern

Here are a few more shots of the Emmie Blom duvet in my bedroom in Hawk Hill.

review for Ikea Blum Duvet377
review for Ikea Blum Duvet2_wm

And a few photos from Ikea’s showroom in Dallas- where the floral Emmie Blom duvet is paired with a pink gingham for an even more feminine look.

review for Ikea Blum Duvet240
review for Ikea Blum Duvet239