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About Hawk Hill

In 2010 I purchased a older brick home on a 3-acre farm that had been swallowed whole by the cities swelling on either side of the property. There, just north of the ancient chicken coop and under the canopy of century oaks stood a 100-year-old barn. takes its name from a box of dusty old wine bottles discovered there, in the back of that barn, a few days after I purchased the property. There, in that dusty crate of green glass wine bottles was my first clue of the property’s history: wine bottle printed with brittle labels that read “Hawk Hill Vineyard.” As I pieced together the history of the property I learned that it began as a typical farm in the 1910’s, adapted into a horse boarding stable, housed a winery (the Hawk Hill namesake), later a gift store, and finally a horse saddlery shop all while raising countless kids under the sprawling oak trees.

Living at Hawk Hill has inspired my own creativity in a way I couldn’t imagine- even with my unique background as a DIY’er and creative. Hawk Hill prompted my own shift from art and DIY into more adventurous home improvement projects.

Christmas Decorations Stable

Hawk hill served as a popular local Airbnb from 2015 to 2016, but in 2016 I sold the property in order to move to Seattle and pursue other dreams. However, the DIY shenanigans are still going strong and continues to live on as a home for the digital records of my home improvement, craft, and art adventures that continue to snowball as past projects continue to inspire more projects.

Although Hawk-Hill as an Airbnb was exclusive, today, hawk is for everyone, not just home improvement DIYers, but creative souls of all shapes and sizes: artists, doodlers, sculptors, fiber crafters, as well as new homeowners and apartment renters looking for easy low-risk upgrades.

Hawk is chiefly maintained by Lindsayanne and occasionally features outstanding creative projects by a small cohort of other artists/crafters/DIYers.