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About Me

Woman in blue polka dot dress with short hair leaning against a railing in front of an urban waterfront.

As a child of the 80s, I grew up in that sweet spot between analog and tech, in a home with two creatives for parents. With my mother a decorator/artist and my father something of an inventor (a coppersmith turned jack-of-all-trades who let me tag along on almost daily trips to the hardware store for parts to finish his latest creation) growing up in this world was an adventure.  Weekends spent in the juried craft show world helped me become an expert DIYer, with a just a little bit of knowledge about all sorts of creative realms.

Growing up in the local hardware store and the 1980’s juried craft show scene gave me access to artists, builders, and creators in countless different media. From weavers to welders, painters to plumbers, and carpenters to crocheters, I spent countless hours watching masters ply their trade. As I aged, this exposure helped me grow up understanding that almost anything DIY’able with the right tools and the ability to study and practice. I learned that even though professional results can take a lifetime to achieve, many types of crafting and creating art are easy and approachable with some research and a can-do attitude.

Growing up in Kansas provided lots of open space to explore

From here to there: How I became a professional DIY’er:

 Today, I am a professional artist, having completed undergraduate courses in fine art and integrating art into my postgraduate work. I’ve practiced and studied ceramics and sculpture and in my 20s I founded (and later sold) a tack store. A tack store is, for the uninitiated, a store of sporting goods for horses. Because equine equipment breaks constantly, our services included repair of broken equipment. The opportunity to research, repair, and mend, many types of equipment helped me learn more about DIY repairers and eventually prompted me to briefly create my own hand made line of leather goods.

How did Hawk Hill get its name? Ah, for that you’ll need to check out the About Hawk Hill page, where the story of the name- discovered in a dusty box in the back of a 100-year-old-barn- gets its full telling.

Today, I’m based in Washington state and work full time as an artist and professional writer but I enjoy maintaining as a side project and a place to record both for my own journaling and for others benefit, the unique ways that I have tackled and solved problems creatively in the home, garden, arts and crafts, and even digital marketing genre’s.

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