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How to Create Geode-Like Resin Encased Gold Blooms

Resin pouring projects (such as my water-splash resin sculptures) often results in excess resin left over after my primary project is complete. I love experimenting with this leftover resin and one of these side-project-experiments recently resulted in a method for creating the geode-like metallic blooms, shown below. Developed to create a shiny and ultra durable…

How to Deep Clean & Restore a Non-Stick Skillet

Cleaning a pan can be challenging, especially when the pan has burnt bits deeply embedded in the non-stick surface. In this tutorial, I will be showing you my method for cleaning my Scanpan Skillet. “Scanpan” is a high-end line of cooking cookware with a non-stick finish that has a lifetime guarantee. I realized after I downsized…

a few art supplies are essential for solo travel

8 Essentials for Solo Travel

After I sold my business in 2015, I had the opportunity to do some traveling. Even though I’d dreamed of travel… I didn’t go. I did not have a travel companion and was afraid to go by myself, so I did not go. Fast forward 2 years and a cross-country move,  and in 2017 I…