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Home Depot Kitchen Cost: What I Spent on a 10×17 Kitchen Remodel

My family and friends always congregate in the kitchen, so we decided to renovate it with Home Depot cabinets and design assistance to create the perfect gathering space. Although kitchen renovations can be thrilling, they can also be intimidating and disruptive. A full kitchen remodel requires demolition, design, and remodel, which is a complex undertaking that requires an immense amount of planning and forethought to not blow through your cost budget.

There’s a ton of ways to create a stunning kitchen. It’s important to consider the layout of the space, as well as your desired style, when planning a kitchen renovation. We live near the ocean and have been intentional about fostering a coastal style home. A great way to get started is to research kitchen styles and designs that fit the space you have to work with and, of course, your intended budget.

In this article, I’ll share:

There are 2 kinds of kitchen remodels and it all depends on your Current Kitchen Layout

Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting task, but the results can be very rewarding. There are two general approaches to remodeling your kitchen: changing the layout OR keeping the layout the same (this may not seem like that big of a deal, but it makes a massive difference in structural design and overall execution).

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1. Changing the Kitchen Layout = $$$$+

If you decide to change the kitchen layout, you’ll need to consider how your new design will work with the existing space and appliances. You’ll also want to consider the cost of moving plumbing, electrical, and gas lines and the amount of additional sub-contractors required to complete the remodel.

Expect unexpected costs when changing your kitchen layout

You can do a pretty good job of assessing the plumbing, gas, electrical, and water line changes you’ll need to make if you move the sink and the oven to other parts of the kitchen or add an island, BUT it’s not until you’re well into demolition phase that you know EXACTLY what needs to be done and what condition everything is under the hood, so to speak, so proceed with caution…or just be aware.

2. Keeping the Existing Kitchen Layout and Simply Update Cabinets / Counters etc. = $$+

If you decide to keep the layout the same, you can still update the look of your kitchen as clearly demonstrated in this article featuring an IKEA Kitchen remodel. Replacing the cabinets, counter tops, and flooring are all great ways to give your kitchen a fresh new look without a massive renovation project.

You don’t have to expect the unexpected to the same degree when you maintain the original kitchen layout

You can rest assured that the waterlines for your new sink and the gas valve for your new range are in the right place if you’re simply updating the kitchen or giving it a refresh. Having said that, there will be ware and tare from years of use and some pieces may need to be replaced, but it’s a fairly small variable. So have confidence in your cost estimates :]

As mentioned above, we drastically changed the layout in our latest Kitchen remodel. No matter which option you choose, remodeling your kitchen can be a great way to update your home and personalize your living space. With a little planning and research, you can find the perfect design, materials and team to create the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

Keep reading to see my exact cost for remodeling a kitchen with Home Depot cabinets and fixtures as well as a finished product photo :]
Let’s hop into the numbers behind this Home Depot Kitchen remodel

What I Spent: Cost breakdown of my 10×17 Home Depot Kitchen Remodel

  • Cabinets, $7,100 (unlike the article detailing the Cost of my IKEA Kitchen remodel; a larger kitchen remodel like this one I did with Home Depot would be such a laundry list that I decided to lump it together instead of including a 40+ line item list here)
    • NOTE: there are much cheaper cabinet options and MUCH more expensive cabinet options you can choose from at Home Depot – we liked the style and quality of the American Woodmark Leesburg collection…which is a somewhat middle of the road to slightly nicer option)
  • Range Hood, $250
  • Cabinet Mounting Hardware, $350
  • 3/4 power garbage disposal with Sound Reduction, you can estimate ~$110
  • Kitchen Faucet, you can estimate ~$90 for an inexpensive faucet (we loved this one that my brother bought and installed in his new home and figured why spend 3x this amount if we are totally impressed by this one)
  • Farmhouse apron sink in white, you can estimate ~$350
  • Drawer / cupboard Handle pulls and Knobs, you can estimate ~$90
  • New Larger window, $300
  • Window coverings, $375
  • New stove / oven, $750
  • Subway tile back splash, $1,100 (we love how this turned out, but wish we would have gone with a herringbone pattern to adjust the sight lines of the kitchen)
  • Counter tops and installation, $5300
  • Under cabinet lighting, $250 (SO SO SO glad we did this)
  • Pendant Lights (over the island), $200
  • Can lighting, $200
  • Paint and Primer, $250
  • Reverse osmosis under-sink system (water purifier), $200 (probably the best money we spent…along with installation of under cabinet lighting on a dimmer #sogood)
  • Lifeproof Laminate wood flooring (Fresh Oak color), ~$350 (Installation cost included in labor)
  • Miscellaneous items that add up! (i.e., quarter round to complete flooring, wood glue, under island counter supports), ~$400;
    • TIP: As a rule of thumb, I’d factor in 0.5% to 1.5% of your estimated budget for unexpected and miscellaneous expenses. If your budget and cost estimate is a bit heavy on the SWAG side maybe bump that up to 2.5 – 5%. I tend to be rather heavy on the research and exact in my calculations #nerd :]
  • Labor and Materials ~$27,000 (this was a difficult cost to factor in exactly because, as mentioned below, we tackled quite a few remodel projects on our new-to-us home – for example, we also had walls removed and in-ceiling support beams installed…part of which is included in the kitchen remodel cost and part of which is not, so there is some estimation on total labor cost here)
    • partial demolition (as mentioned below – I did a lot of this) and haul off
    • laminate floor installation
    • drywall installation and repair
    • cabinet installation
    • electrical work to install all lighting (except pendant lighting)
    • installing range hood
    • plumbing work as well as installing new sink and garbage disposal

Total Home Depot Kitchen Cost for Remodel of 10×17 (including lots of skilled tradesmen…who did Amazing work!)

$45,265; We were expecting to spend $45K for the entire project…so we were VERY happy with where we landed from an all-in cost standpoint! I acknowledge that the $27k for labor is by far the biggest line item cost, but the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tilers, and installers that we worked with were the real MVPs of this project.

Before view of our Home Depot Kitchen remodel
Original kitchen before we expanded and remodeled using Home Depot cabinets

Taking our new-to-us home from having a very small, dark kitchen and tiny laundry room, to a beautiful and bright kitchen with a massive island is remarkable to watch and be part of – very fun. Like all big remodel projects, it was frustrating at times but I’d highly recommend it!

Ready for counter tops and subway tile back splash (getting close) Also, counter top supports beams mentioned in the miscellaneous category of the cost breakdown part of this article shown in black

Summary of cost breakdown of the kitchen remodel

The cost of the kitchen remodel was approximately $45,000. This included new cabinets and counter tops, as well as an updated appliance or two. The cost of the cabinets and counter tops was $12,400, while the cost of the appliances was less than $1,000. The remaining cost was for labor and other materials such as fixtures and paint, which amounted to balance of the cost outlined above.

Overall, the kitchen remodel was a big undertaking and not inexpensive, but we LOVE the newly opened and bright space…and for us…and I’d assume for you as well, the Kitchen is the heartbeat of our home and where we always end up congregating with friends and family….SO it should be a space you not just sort of like, but really love it!

4 ways I Saved Money on my Home Depot Kitchen Remodel

  1. Keep Appliances: Look, if you’re going to spend real money on a full Kitchen remodel, don’t skimp on key items, BUT hear me out – if the fridge is perfectly good and will look sharp / appropriate in the new space then save the money. Besides new fridges (appliances) are no joke ($$$) and I hear the quality and durability is actually going down as they get more sophisticated, so the existing appliances might be superior in real terms.
Our Home Depot Kitchen remodel was great and we saved money by saving the great appliances and replacing others.

2. Did it myself (or with the help of family / friends / a beloved toddler in your life): I chose to do a lot of the demolition work myself (as well as a ton of other items that weren’t overly technical or happened to be behind the scenes…so to speak), instead of hiring professionals (I figure that I can rip stuff out and will lean on real professionals to put stuff back in…that’s the part that takes real talent / skill!)

I guess I should say ‘myself’ also means with help from friends :] Great fun during demo for a Home Depot Kitchen remodel

3. Looked for sales: Shopping around for deals and a fair amount of cost comparison. Where we live there’s not a Lowe’s nearby, so there wasn’t as much big box price shopping as you’d expect other than for things you can buy online and wait for them to arrive. Looking at you Amazon ;] lol

4. Bulk Remodel projects: If you’re going to be in for a penny, you might as well be in for a pound. Tackling multiple projects at once, while more hectic, can be more economical on your wallet. The cost of bringing sub-contractors / tradesmen to your home to tackle multiple items at once can help spread the cost further than a single task (we opted to remove walls and move the laundry / water heater to the other side of the house at the same time as our kitchen remodel).

By tack the removal of a wall and a laundry room at the same time we could better leverage contractors time and get the projects knocked out quick!

5 Biggest Expenses in my Home Depot Kitchen Remodel:

  1. Cabinetry: Cabinets are often the most expensive component of a kitchen remodel from Home Depot. Depending on the type and quality of cabinets you choose and the size of your space, you could be looking at anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
  2. Counter tops: Counter tops are another big expense in kitchen remodeling. Depending on the material you choose, the cost of counter tops can range from a few hundred dollars for laminate to thousands for granite and other stone materials.
  3. Appliances: Kitchen appliances are often an unavoidable cost of a kitchen remodel. While Home Depot carries some of the most popular brands, you may also want to shop around for the best deals. Also, I need to give my other brother, who has done extensive remodel work, a quick shout out. He has saved SO MUCH MONEY $$$ by opting for some scratch and dent appliances and replacing paneling or buffing out scratches – honestly thousands can be saved (I mean, have you looked at the cost of a new refrigerator these days…at least there are some great affordable refrigerator options out there like this one!)
  4. Flooring: The cost of flooring depends largely on the material you choose. There are options ranging from vinyl to hardwood, and the cost can vary greatly between them – including the installation cost (tile vs vinyl – very different install cost). Really consider durability when selecting flooring…price is a big deal, but you really need something that will withstand the test of time.
  5. Installation: As with any kitchen remodel, you will need to pay for the labor to install most things properly (unless you have a lot of time to tackle installation for yourself and have experience or a high aptitude to learn on the job…your own job). This cost will vary depending on the complexity of the job, cost of labor in your area, and the contractor you choose…but skilled talent will likely be the big cost line item in your budget (as demonstrated in the cost breakdown of this project).

Installation and Contracting

A word of warning, I do discuss what I view as predatory contractor estimates in this article, and is worth giving it a read before going into the contracting process on your own.

Finished product of our Home Depot kitchen remodel – We love the finished product!


Based on my years of home remodel and DIY experience, I would suggest deciding early early early in the process of thinking through a potential kitchen / home remodel if you’re going to work with a general contractor (GC) or if you’re going to act as the GC and identify sub-contractors on your own to complete your project. There are of course pros and cons to hiring a GC vs. going it alone.

I ultimately like being in control (or the semblance of control lol) of progress and decisions, so I opt to be the general contractor on my remodel projects. I find that good tradesmen can help identify other great tradesmen to help get just about anything done around the home. Having said that, without a GC it might take a bit longer and you may not have as straight of a line from A to Z (these men and women are professionals and do this work day-in and day-out – so they’ll clearly be better versed in just about everything), but I’m guessing you wouldn’t be here and love so much if you were afraid of rolling up your sleeves :] Like I said, pros and cons but both routes can be great.

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