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How to Decorate Single Women’s Master Bedrooms

15-20% of homes sold each year are sold to single women. Congratulations if you’ve made the leap to be part of that 15-20. Home ownership is an exhilarating ride; and you’ve done it on your own! So how do the rules for decorating a “master bedroom” change in a climate where so many buyers are single women?

Decorating ideas for single women's master bedrooms

Well first of all, “standard rules” for decorating a master bedroom don’t really apply when you are decorating a space that is solely yours. In this post, I’m exploring various ways to celebrate the mature and feminine aesthetic of a professional single woman.

Browsing design and home decor accounts, it’s as if designers seem to imagine that after the 16-year-old’s dream-bedroom, a woman no longer has specific design needs for her space. It’s assumed, she now tempers her feminine style for a space shared with a partner.

I celebrate the female master bedroom and it’s one of my favorite parts of a new design project. The master bedroom for a single homeowner can be a luxurious space of rest that caters entirely to you.

Here are 5 tips for creating drama and luxury in a sophisticated adult bedroom. For more ideas, follow my Pinterest board collecting ideas for feminine Master bedrooms from around the internet:

Splurge on a Bed & Bedding

Truly, a bed makes a bedroom. Choosing the right bed frame and linens is everything when it comes to designing your bedroom. Choose your bed and bedding first, collect furniture that works with the look, and you can’t go wrong.

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It can be tempting after spending the money to buy your first home to furnish it with the rental-grade fixtures you’ve been accumulating since college. But take time to take stock. How do you want your bedroom to feel?

If the furniture and fixtures you already own don’t fit or “spark joy”, consider placing them in a different room. Or better yet, sell/donate them! Give yourself permission to celebrate- and permission to make a splurge relative to your budget- to create a comfortable bedroom sanctuary.

feminine master bedroom vintage horse
Anthropologie rosette quilt and my vintage pressed metal bed frame

You’ve probably heard all the arguments for a quality mattress, and all of those apply to linens as well. Sheets and pillows as well as throw blankets and duvets- do a lion’s share of the work of creating drama and style in your bedroom and are well worth splurging on.

Forget thread count when it comes to throw blankets and decorative pillows (that’s a way to judge linen quality and is what you’ll care about in sheets….while we’re on the topic – please do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some high-quality high-thread count sheets – you deserve it!) and instead choose a visual look and texture you love, from companies you trust.

In other words, don’t buy a “linen blend” duvet at a big box store and expect the quality look and feel of a real linen duvet. You’ll be happier and use your purchase longer if you invest in the piece you love in your bedroom from the beginning.

Comforters, duvets, and bedspreads are the easiest way to show your style. Celebrate your ownership of the master bedroom by splurging here.

royal blue headboard and linens

Headboards and Bed frames are one place it’s typically easy to get the “wow” without the luxury price tag. In the first home I owned back in Missouri, my bed frame was the first item for the house I purchased, and I created my bedroom around the delicate embossed metal style (a vintage bed identical to the one that showed up on the set of True Blood in the bedroom of southern belle Sookie).

When I set up my studio apartment in Seattle, it took longer to find the perfect piece, but after a few weeks of scanning craigslist, someone posted an ornate wooden bed for $125. After a bath in cat odor neutralizer (yikes!) and a few coats of vibrant blue paint, I had my dramatic statement bed for my new bedroom.

before I found the perfect bedding, I located this headboard and footboard and jumped!

Create Drama with Draped Fabric or Tapestries

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to create high drama in a bedroom is with fabric. Fabric can also help with design challenges- like a window placed on a wall where you’d like to position your headboard. (Use my tutorial on how to hide a window behind a bed for tips on dealing with that challenge.)

Floor to ceiling curtains work especially well with high ceilings, but this white on white version, created for a friend’s Air BnB Suite, was elegantly done in an old ranch house with standard height ceilings in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

hiding a window behind a headboard
Tapestries as wall decor are growing in popularity, and with their increase in popularity, their availability is also growing. You can choose from many designs, in this image you can see how tapestries can work to transform a wall from drab to dynamic in minutes. This works great in a bedroom if you find your style frequently changing. Hanging tapestries with bulldog clamps is trendy and means changing tapestries is quick and easy.
Big Bathroom in Tiny Seattle Apartment with Clawfoot Tub

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anthropologie rosette quilt paired with feminine vintage metal bedframe in my master bedroom

To summarize, forget all the design “rules”. This is YOUR space. Do you! You deserve a luxurious space to relax and feel comfortable. You can achieve this by splurging on comfortable bedding, purchasing or re-purposing pieces that fit the space, and using fabric and/or tapestries for drama and softness.

Congratulations on your new space, I hope you make it yours and love it for a long time to come.

And in case you’re interested…

These are items I have “invested” in for my bedroom that have made a world of difference for my sleep, comfort, and overall good vibes 😎.


 Pillow for side/back sleepers (absolute game changer)

Knee pillow for side sleepers (I don’t travel without this thing now!)

Sheets that feel great and aren’t super expensive. And they keep getting better and softer with each wash.

Thanks for Reading!!!

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☕ is reader-supported. If this article saved you time or money, please consider donating $1 to help me cover the cost of hosting this website OR If you appreciate this information and want to throw a “Thanks!” my way by buying me a coffee – I would Of Course appreciate it! :]

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Friday 8th of December 2023

I've been looking for the white duvet with the gray pattern you have showing in the first picture that you posted of your blue headboard. Do you recall where that duvet is from?

Thank you, Tara

Irene Madrid

Tuesday 5th of December 2023

I am now a single woman after 44 yrs of marriage. Free at last!! My bedroom is so me. Beautiful silk velvet quilts, linen sheets, pure silk blankets. I spared no expense because I am with it. I wallpapers the entire bed bath in cream with watercolor blows magnolia blossoms in pinks, greens with crate channel;iers everywhere. I have two gorgeous chais by my fireplace...vintage velvet, the other a DEEP velvet tub for curling up in...and a beautiful table with my coffee station.YAY ME!

Tami Monks

Sunday 27th of August 2023

This article is for me, and I am so thankful it popped on my feed! Thank you!

Lindsayanne Brenner

Monday 28th of August 2023

Great! I'm glad you found it helpful. Thanks for sharing the comment with me - always great to hear positive feedback :]


Friday 9th of June 2023

Looking for great ideas for master bedroom. The pictures highlighted just didn’t impress. The fabric with clamps behind the toilet bowl kind of killed it for me. Sorry…

Lindsayanne Brenner

Wednesday 26th of July 2023

Ah, understood. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully you took some inspiration and found a solution that works for you and your space!