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How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal With Ice

We’re too familiar with that stubborn sink stench, resistant to even the most thorough scrubbing. The culprit could very well be old, rotting food stuck in the surfaces of your garbage disposal! This is an area that we can’t accessibly reach to clean, and bringing toxic chemicals into the picture can get harmful and pricey. It turns out that ice can be just as effective at cleaning the gunk out of your garbage disposal! Revitalize your kitchen using this simple, affordable, and toxic-free disposal cleaning method!

pour ice into your garbage disposal to clean out the grime

As far as supplies go, you’ll only need one thing

  • One small (7 lb) bag of ice (opt for smaller nuggets for better results).


  • First, Dump about half of the 7 lb bag of ice in the sink:
    • Picture this as the initial step to a cleaner kitchen – generously pour half of the ice bag into the sink, setting the stage for a pristine garbage disposal.
  • Push as much ice down the garbage disposal as will fit:
    • You don’t need to pack it in, but make sure the disposal is full with ice.
  • Next, Run a small stream of water in the sink and turn on the garbage disposal:
    • Start a steady flow of water as you turn on the disposal, creating a dynamic duo to cleanse away culinary remnants effectively.
  • Occasionally push excess ice down the sink to get it going, if needed:
    • Just like fine-tuning a recipe, give the ice an occasional nudge if it seems hesitant. This ensures a smooth and efficient process.
    • Dirty debris will surface during this step.
  • Keep the water and disposal running for a few minutes.
    • Allow the elements to work their magic, letting the ice, water, and disposal create a harmonious melody that cleanses thoroughly.
  • After a few minutes, the gunky water will drain down the sink:
    • Similar to the finishing touches on a project, the gunky water will gracefully exit the scene. Your disposal will be free of debris, ready to take on whatever culinary masterpiece you throw its way.

Watch me try this myself in the video below! This process never fails to shock me when exposing how unbelievably dirty my garbage disposal was!

Achieving a cleaner garbage disposal

  • Congratulations! You’ve just added a new technique to your kitchen maintenance routine – the art of using ice to clean your garbage disposal. It’s a simple yet ingenious method that saves money and toxin exposure. With a bag of ice, a touch of water, and the power of your garbage disposal, you’ve achieved a cleaner, fresher kitchen. Until our next maintenance adventure, happy cleaning!

And in case you’d like more tips on how to keep your disposal healthy, check out this disposal “no-no’s” video.

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