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Felt Bacon & Eggs Free Printable Pattern

In this post: A free pattern for a full felt breakfast- loaded with fluffy fake scrambled eggs, felt fried eggs, felt bacon, and felt waffles!

First Up: Making Felt Scrambled Eggs

(scroll to the bottom of this post for part two: felt bacon and fried eggs!)

Free pattern and video tutorial for making felt scrambled eggs for felt food play sets

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In today’s post, we’ll be talking about how to make a scrambled egg patty out of wool felt. For many of us felt-food-crafters, sunny-side-up eggs may have been our first foray into crafting felt food. However, no breakfast felt food playset would be complete without fluffy and buttery scrambled eggs. Today we’ll be making them using Buttercup yellow felt that perfectly captures the color of an egg when a bright yellow yolk and egg white are scrambled together.  Straw-colored felt also works well for this project in a slightly paler tone.

To begin, free-form cut a pair of contoured pieces of buttercup yellow felt in a natural shape that feels reminiscent of a pile of scrambled eggs. You can kind of eyeball it and create some contour- although I kind of wish I had created a bit less of a rectangle-shape in the felt scrambled eggs shown below.

Author's hands trimming edges of a felt egg patty.

Once I’ve cut my shape, I just start stitching a basic running stitch around the whole thing, being sure to leave an opening for turning my creation right side out.

Author's hands sewing edge stitches in a felt egg patty.

Before I turn my scrambled egg patty, though, I’m going to add some stitches that create texture. I do this by adding a very wide running stitch across the body of the top surface, but rather than stitching through the full thickness of the felt –and having stitching show on the outside– I’m actually taking advantage of the superior quality of this wool felt to create the texture. The tightly interlocked fibers of this felt actually allow me to stitch only halfway through the thickness of the felt and gather my stitch slightly before tying it off on a seam. This creates lumps and crinkles on what will become the outer surface, these really add realism to the scrambled egg patty.

Author's hands sewing gathering stitches in a felt egg patty.

A lot of young kids wouldn’t notice if this little pillow of scrambled eggs had a completely flat texture on the top, but I enjoy creating these felt food projects like little art projects, so adding little details like texture to scrambled eggs gives me a bit of joy!

Author's hands sewing gathering stitches in a felt egg patty.

Next, it’s time to turn the scrambled egg patty right side out and stuff it.

Authors hands turning egg inside out

Rather than using regular poly-fill stuffing, I prefer quilt batting for a project like this. Regular stuffing can shift and lump – which on one hand would be entirely appropriate for scrambled eggs- but for this project, I need the flat bottom to remain flat, and I know that batting can do that. If you don’t have batting on hand, you can use extra sheets of felt as stuffing inside your scrambed egg patty.

Hands cutting the pad of stuffing.

Once stuffed, just close the seam with an invisible running stitch and tie off.

stitching the felt egg patty.

This scrambled egg patty is great for a breakfast food felt food playset. You can make a couple of different types of eggs and let your tiny chef play and experiment with taking orders and delivering eggs to their “diners.” Paired with a felt waffle, bacon, or fried eggs it’s an essential addition to a breakfast food felt food playset.

felt scrambled egg and felt fried egg on a table.

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Free Pattern for Felt Food Bacon and Fried Eggs

Felt eggs and bacon are fun starter felt food

I’m still developing the walk-through for this pattern, but the template for the bacon and eggs pictures below can be found below. To get the pattern for the waffle, check out the felt waffle pattern

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