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As I mentioned in my bedroom drawer divider post, spring means an attack on chaos at Hawk Hill and the kitchen did not escape my organizational wrath this year. Like most 1920’s homes, my kitchen is cute but tiny, and boasts only 4 drawers total! These drawers, as you can imagine,  quickly become a jumbled mess that off-the-shelf drawer organizers are never tough enough or large enough to handle.

While construction grade foam board worked great for dividers for the bedroom dresser drawers, these high-traffic drawers needed tougher, thinner dividers to maximize storage space and tolerate shifting cutlery each time the drawer opened and closed.  Thin pine craft boards from the lumber yard worked perfect! 3/8 thick by  3 inches wide was the perfect thickness and width for my shallow kitchen drawers.

At about $1 per foot, this wood wasn’t cheap. To make sure I cut my boards right the first try and didn’t waste this expensive wood, before even buying the wood I cleaned out my drawers completely and used strips of corrugated cardboard to design and play around with options for dividers. When I’d created the perfect arrangement, I hot glued my cardboard strips together and took measurements.

Use cardboard strips to plan your drawer dividers before cutting your boards.


I created my dividers’ joints in two ways: fitting together boards by notching them (done with several parallel cuts with a miter saw) and T-type joints that were glued and nailed with small finishing nails. (Update 2016: this project has help up well, although the glued and nailed T joints have needed repaired once. The notched boards have worked well maintenance free)

The notched boards were eazy to zip through with my miter saw- Although that type of saw left some rough, angled edges at the end of the cut, the edges are completely concealed when assembled:



If you don’t have a piece spanning the full width and full depth, be sure and place pieces to make up that difference- this will prevent the divider from shifting within your drawer:

DIY Instructions to make kitchen drawer dividers:

Joints that are joined as a T rather than two interlocking boards will need to be glued AND nailed with a small nail:

DIY Instructions to make kitchen drawer dividers:


With the help of pre-planning with cardboard strips, this project took less than an hour- not counting a new application of contact paper and time spent waiting for glue to dry. I’m thrilled with having better looking, better functioning drawer dividers!





DIY Instructions to make kitchen drawer dividers:


DIY Instructions to make kitchen drawer dividers:

I’m really pleased with the final result- and actually pretty impressed by how easy it was to create professional looking DIY wood kitchen drawer dividers on a budget. – And a new liner of houndstooth contact paper didn’t hurt a bit, either!


After realizing how simple these drawer dividers were to make, I actually purchased board boards and used the same process to create neat dividers for the top drawer of my dresser, where I store my handkerchiefs:

DIY Instructions to make drawer dividers for shallow drawers:




Love this tutorial but need drawer dividers for clothes or underwear? Check out my tutorial for dresser drawer dividers:


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  1. I like your style for my junk drawer and want to make it look just like your pics however you do not state if this divider can be easily REMOVED for cleaning Please?

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