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How to Build a Bench Style Tree Swing | Free DIY Woodworking Plan

Awhile back, I stumbled across this old bench swing at a flea market. Though marked “not for sale”, I was not to be deterred from owning my own, so I took several photos and commenced building my own. This project was completed before I developed the habit of documenting my projects step by step, but I hope the photos below and the download of the google sketchup file (complete with measurements and lumber dimensions documented) will help anyone determined, as I was, to make their own.

How to hang a bench style swing from a tree including free plans to build your own

Because none of Hawk Hill’s porches have the perfect spot for this bench, I designed it as a tree swing. The unique lines of this vintage swing inspired me- and I felt like it had an almost craftsman type look to it.

 The bench that inspired me: (I designed my bench swing so that, with the addition of a few 4×4 legs, it could transition between bench and swing)


And, after an hour on SketchUp and a few hours in my shop, my version:


Download my Free Woodworking Plans for a Vintage-Inspired Bench Swing / Bench Convertible Bench

This free woodworking plan is delivered in the form of an SKP file format, which can be opened using the free web-based application SketchUp. With Sketchup, you can zoom, pivot, and explore every side of this 3D model- while viewing measurements, angles, and wood dimensions in depth.  It also includes a bonus plan for a smaller decorative or kid-friendly bench.



And here she is in all her glory at Hawk Hill:

Porch swing hanging from a oak tree in front yard
Porch swin hanging from a oak tree in front yard